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Innovative Tool for Designers

Autodesk has built the Map 3D tool as a management tool that assists the engineering professionals and geometrics in improving their design and the infrastructure management skills. The Autodesk AutoCAD Map 3D 2023 is equipped with FDO technology that makes it easier for the user to integrate data from the LIDAR scanning system or the geographic information system directly into the available CADD environment. It is quite helpful for the users because you can prepare even more accurate designs of conditions in your network. It offers geospatial and attribute information to improve the efficiency. You can easily access the geospatial data through the FDO technology in several different formats. Thus, you can prepare a more useful geospatial database in real time.
This software comprises several powerful tools, which are advantageous for nearly all the AutoCAD users. There are many experts, who say that AutoCAD Map 3D is the best and stand-alone software that works as a completely functional GIS application. People admire its features as GIS, but there is a long list of features that you get in this tool. It helps you by saving your time by speeding up the regular tasks. People use only a few tools of this software and that’s why they don’t know that what else it can do. There are a few features of Map 3D are described below to inform you about its features and capabilities.  

Drawing cleanup:

It is an impressive feature of AutoCAD Map 3D 2023 software. You may share the drawings and designs quite often with your clients, friends or colleagues. Some geometric errors may occur with the time and it can be quite difficult to find those errors. The Map 3D offers some impressive tools for locating and repairing several types’ drawing errors. You can fix all the errors one by one or simultaneously. It saves your time, which you may spend by finding and fixing the geometric errors.

Object data:

Whether you are drawing the geometric drawings in AutoCAD software or importing it from other sources, the drawing containing folder will comprise several properties. These properties will store several details regarding the object like object’s geometry, information regarding the controls, and editing coordinates. These details can be used to control other automated procedures. The Map 3D 2023 offers a feature of adding some additional and user defined properties. These properties are called Object Data that can be attached to the external data.
This tool also offers some features like Object classification, Automated annotation, User-Friendly coordinate geometry, Inserting raster images, Thematic mapping, Queries, and Coordinate conversion and tracking. All of these features improve the performance of the user and help him in performing the designing task well. You can purchase AutoCAD Map 3D tool online to get all the mentioned features. You will find it very useful and effective. You will not get worried about the AutoCAD Map 3D 2022 price, when it will save your time and improve your efficiency as an engineering professional. So, get it now online and download it immediately to learn how to use it.


New features

Surfaces and point cloud tools (enhanced)

Use points and contour data to create models

Convert data to intelligent industry models (enhanced)

Create and manage intelligent industry models by converting GIS and CAD data.

Analysis tools

Answer questions and make data decisions.

Topographical data directly from the source (enhanced)

Access topographical data directly from the source.